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Five from Finland


This quintet of Finnish jewellery brands and designers offers various ways to combine style and conscience.

Julia Helminen

Melding the old and the new, Finland’s jewellers today continue to find beautiful and sustainable ways to keep us shining.

Contemporary Finnish jewellery makers are endlessly innovative with both materials and manufacturing methods while maintaining a strong connection with the country’s rich craft and cultural heritage. Moreover, they are becoming increasingly focused on ecological, ethical and social aspects.

Some of the most celebrated local jewellery brands include Kalevala, one of the mainstays of Finnish jewellery design; Atelier Torbjörn Tillanders, boasting six generations of jewellery professionals; and Aarikka, famous for its minimalistic wooden and silver jewellery.

Below are five more brands that are, quite literally, among the jewels in the crown of Finnish design.


With its stylish handmade jewellery, Coruu shows how silicone can be used in a new creative way.


Located near Turku, this company has made a name for itself by designing exquisite silicone jewellery. Thanks to the choice of the material, Coruu’s earrings, necklaces and bracelets are light to wear, soft to the touch and suitable for people with allergies. The selection also includes pieces of wood veneer.

The use of flat materials is considered rather challenging because one can’t make three-dimensional figures. Coruu’s designers, however, have managed to create incredibly beautiful shapes, from feathers to flowers. On top of unique shapes inspired by the natural world and graphic patterns, Moomin characters have become a hit with both Finnish and international customers and provided Coruu a gateway to new markets, including the Moomin-fond Japan. Weighing just a couple of grams, the jewellery is easy to ship worldwide.

“Coruu’s selection is amazing,” said CEO Johanna Saarinen. “I am proud of the silicone and wooden jewellery made in Finland.”


AIDA Impact’s philosophy and high-quality jewellery products have appealed to fashionistas far beyond Finland.

AIDA Impact/Facebook

Can a pair of earrings make the world a little bit better? Helsinki-based AIDA impact knows the answer first-hand. Founded in 2018, the jewellery studio is all about combining sleek design, the finest natural materials, including silk and pearls, and social impact.

All the products are handcrafted by immigrant women who are struggling to find employment in their new home country. Provided with an opportunity to jump onto the career ladder in Finland, they are helping AIDA to achieve its goal of becoming an internationally recognised brand.

“Many of our customers don’t even know about our backstory when they buy the earrings,” founder and CEO Elina Siira told us a few years ago. “We want to make stylish, classy and high-quality products, and it’s great that we can simultaneously contribute to social inclusion.”


Lumoava’s jewellery is not only aesthetically appealing but also symbolises a particular aspect of Finnish culture or nature.


With 10 seasoned designers and some of the most skilled goldsmiths on board, Lumoava is the go-to brand whether you seek to add a finishing touch to your everyday outfit, business apparel or evening gown. All the items are handcrafted at the world’s northernmost jewellery factory in Kuopio using recycled precious metals, which makes Lumoava a more ethical choice.

Lumoava's collections often draw inspiration from Finnish nature and national culture, embodying a sense of timeless beauty and emotional resonance. According to head of design team Heikki Hartikainen, Lumoava strives for “sustainable designs and timeless classics that create memories and feelings year after year”.

“Beauty is all around us. It is found everywhere, if we just look for it,” he added.

Despite its emphasis on timeless designs, Lumoava is no stranger to experiments with new ideas and technologies. A few years ago, it teamed up with fellow Finnish company Heart2Save to create Awario Gem, an elegant necklace that enables anyone to monitor their heart rhythm and have the AI-analysed results ready on their smartphone in seconds.


Mine Güngör creates bold and showy jewellery for consumers who are fed up with low-quality items lacking personality.

Mine Güngör/Facebook

Mine Güngör, a Helsinki-based visual artist-turned-jewellery designer, loves all things decorative and detailed. Güngör’s snazzy earrings and necklaces surely don’t lack character and are carefully crafted with the wearer in mind.

“In a box, an earring isn’t ready or perfect yet,” Güngör explained. “It’s only when it’s worn by someone that you can see a piece of jewellery become complete. To a designer, it’s fascinating to witness the work take its final form.”

While letting her imagination run free in terms of design, Güngör takes a more down-to-earth approach to the materials and production techniques she uses. Most of the jewellery items are made of sustainably sourced Finnish birch or recycled acrylic ordered from elsewhere in Europe. The final products are assembled in Helsinki’s Vallila.


Vuolas’s Tunturi jewellery collection is a tribute to three Lappish fells – Saana, Kesänki and Noitatunturi.

Vuolas Circular Design

Rooted in the principles of circular economy, Vuolas seeks to shake up the jewellery industry by offering pieces that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible and socially conscious. Vuolas extensively uses recycled silver, and its design philosophy emphasises durability and timeless aesthetics.

“In circular design materials are used as efficiently as possible,” explained Saara Kinnunen, the designer behind the brand. “The goal is to create designs that are loved, taken care of and eventually recycled.”

Kinnunen often draws inspiration from nature, so it comes as no surprise that Vuolas is also involved in environmental conservation efforts. A good example is the Tunturi silver jewellery collection which takes its name from the Finnish word for “fell” and is dedicated to the pristine wilderness of Lapland. For each Tunturi jewellery piece sold, Vuolas donates to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s conservation areas in Lapland.

By: Zhanna Koiviola