May 15, 2019

Working in Finland is internationally relevant

Tyshawn Hall

Brand ambassador at FINternational

Some international talents living in Finland who are trying to enter the workforce may find it more difficult than they originally planned. Because of this, international jobseekers in Finland should be asking themselves questions such as: Which channels can help me find a job most suitable for my skills? How do I make sure my degree and CV are properly recognised?

It can be difficult to find the proper channels to search for work in Finland when you haven’t established a network. And whilst it may feel more comfortable to stick to an international social circle when you are here, this can often hinder the process of finding a job.

A good way to expand your network is at networking events and expos. It’s important to attend with a goal in mind instead of just wandering around. If you’ve been eyeing a job or a company, do research and find the company’s representatives at the event. Often some job openings are held back from being posted online, and the only way to find out about them is to have a network.

In Finland specifically, the level of degree one has plays a huge role in the hiring process. Hiring committees and individuals also tend to have a rank for universities in Finland. If you’ve completed your degree abroad, it is important to emphasise the quality of the degree on your CV. You can do this by explaining where your degree ranks comparatively in your CV.

Companies need to be open-minded and understand that the pool of talent here is diversifying – for everyone’s benefit.

Another thing that is worth considering is what job experiences to actually write in your résumé. No matter the work experience you have here, big or small, be sure to include this in your CV so there are no gaps in your work history.

Finnish businesses are waking up to the possibilities of hiring foreign talent, and there are some great examples of companies here that have adapted English as their working language and are succeeding on a global scale. But there still is more work that needs to be done. It’s not just a one-way street of newcomers adapting to the new Finnish environment.

Companies need to be open-minded and understand that the pool of talent here is diversifying – for everyone’s benefit.

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