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Studying in Finland is about quality education and experience

International students appreciate the modern facilities Finnish higher education institutions offer.

Team Finland

Finland’s higher education system is famous for its quality and highly professional teachers. But it isn’t all about rankings, the experience matters too, says Hanna Isoranta, Senior Adviser, Finnish National Agency for Education.

There are more than 20 000 international students from 150 different countries in Finland. Why did they choose Finland?

Research has shown us that the education programmes’ quality and content are the key considerations when students pick where they want to study. The Finnish higher education system offers versatile options for students. There are 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland. They offer more than 500 fully English-taught degree programmes on bachelor’s and master’s level. There are a lot of top-quality PhD options available too.

There are numerous programmes in the fields of business, administration, law, engineering, ICT, and health and welfare. Tuition fees are affordable and in addition to that, all institutions offer scholarships for international students.

International students appreciate the modern facilities Finnish higher education institutions offer. Image: Team Finland

The reputation of the Finnish education system is one factor that attracts international students. Finland is certainly famous for quality education and highly professional teachers. It has consistently ranked at the top in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) studies. Finnish universities are featured in the top 20 percentile of the World University Rankings and many of them gain good positions in the annual QS World University Rankings. They have also succeeded in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) published by Shanghai Ranking.

But is not all about the rankings. It’s about the experience too. We know from surveys and student testimonials that international students appreciate the modern learning environments and facilities that Finnish higher education institutions offer. In Finland, students meet a good study-life balance. They can participate in numerous student activities and enjoy their free time together with their fellow students. Many international students have been surprised when meeting teachers and staff at their universities since there is hardly any hierarchy! It is easy to discuss with teachers and get help and support when needed. There is a lot of group work, work-life projects and practical training available, especially in the UASs.

Not to mention excellent PhD and research options in the universities. Finnish flagship research fields invite international talents to solve future challenges. Furthermore, international students appreciate a well-functioning and stable society where you can live surrounded by nature.

“In Finland, students meet a good study-life balance.”

The good news for all young international talents around the world is that Finland warmly welcomes you to study and work in the country. Government policy places strong emphasis both on the internationalisation of Finnish higher education as well as on the retention of international talent. In fact, our aim is to triple the number of new foreign degree students by the 2030s. Another aim is to increase the employment and retention rates of foreign students in Finland to 75 per cent.  As a result, there is a strong focus on developing services for international talents who want to make their career and life here.

The students who have found their way to Finland are mostly happy here, but there is always room for improvement. We are working together to, for example, better help international students with integration and find employment after graduation. Whether it’s for studies or for life, Finland can offer both quality and a unique experience on the top of the world and we want all to know it.

Hanna Isoranta
Senior Adviser, Study in Finland, Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI)