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We support international startup teams setting up business and life in Finland

The Nordic region is the fastest growing startup region in Europe and one of the fastest in the world. 

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Finland is making it easier than ever for people to set up a startup on its shores, writes Marjo Ilmari.

It takes courage to pursue a career as a startup entrepreneur. Even more courage is required if you establish your startup venture outside your home country.

In April, Finland launched the Finnish Startup Permit, which makes it easier for international startup teams outside the European Union to become part of Finland’s vibrant startup ecosystem. Over one hundred teams have submitted their application for an eligibility statement from Business Finland, which is the first step in the process.

Getting the permit issues processed smoothly is not enough – we want to make sure that the teams get a smooth start to both their business and personal life in Finland.

One of the greatest examples of innovations from Finland is the Finnish Baby Box, which has been given to every expectant mother by the state for the past 80 years. The package is like a starter kit for new parents, containing all the necessary equipment for a newborn. The aim of the package is that no matter what background the newborns have, they get the best possible start in life. Many even say that the Finnish Baby Box has helped Finland to achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Inspired by the impact of this innovation, starting in 2018 Finland will provide ambitious international growth startups with a Startup Kit. The aim of the Startup Kit is to make Finland the country with the highest success rate for great business ideas in the world by providing the teams with the right nurturing and vitamins for success.

“We want to make sure that the teams get a smooth start for both their business and personal life in Finland.”

Finland’s Startup Kit provides the entrepreneurs information about the processes and services that different public and private stakeholders can offer to make settling down in Finland easier. The Startup Kit brings together partners who can help the entrepreneurs for example in finding board members and providers of banking, insurance, IP protection, health and accommodation services. The partners are willing to provide a tailored service package to ambitious startup teams, often for a discounted price.

The Nordic region is the fastest growing startup region in Europe and one of the fastest in the world. Finland offers a vibrant and friendly startup ecosystem with accelerators, angel investors, VCs and strong innovation support by the government. Finland is an excellent testbed for innovative, ambitious startup teams and a great place to scale businesses globally. The capital, Helsinki, ranks number one in the world in local connectedness among founders, investors and experts. Finland has also ranked the happiest country in the world.

Why don’t you join in and build your startup and life in Finland!


Good News from Finland is published by Finnfacts, which is part of Business Finland.

Marjo Ilmari
Executive director, startup & fast growth at Business Finland