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Finland is in

Finland is trending right now. Finnflavours’ Elina Sappinen-Linka tells why.

We have only good news to share: Finland is trending right now. One hundred years of independence, booming tourism, a celebrated vibrant tech hub as the capital and Danish hygge slowly ceding ground to Finnish sisu. What’s next? Finnish food! Superfood, in particular.

Of the many pillars Finland’s reputation is built on, the most important one is arguably its pristine nature and all that is connected to it: the famous everyman’s right, berry and mushroom picking, and regular retreats to remote forest cabins, no matter the season, have a strong appeal to many. This ties in with the superfood trend that is taking the world by storm. And mind you, Finland has plenty to offer to those who fancy healthy, naturally grown food.

While you can put avocado on your sandwich or throw goji berries into your cereals, this comes at a significant ecological price. In contrast, hardly any of the superfoods you can get from Finland are grown by human hands; they are mass produced by Mother Nature herself. The amount of berries, mushrooms and herbs that grow in Finland’s forests is staggering: between 500 million and one billion kilograms of berries and 360 million kilograms of mushrooms grow in the vast wilderness each year and only a fraction of that is harvested. Finnish superfoods are as natural, clean and as sustainable as they get.

These tasty forest goodies are brimming with vitamins, minerals and other desirable nutrients, and they are growing in unique conditions in Finland. The summers here are short and intense, exposing plants to the famous midnight sun. Studies show that this makes Finland’s berries and herbs richer in nutrients and healthier than their cousins in other parts of the world. This is Finland’s own terroir, if you will.

The bottom line is the prospects for Finnish food and lifestyle are great. Now it’s time to make sure the interest in Finnish food grows along with tourism and tech. Let’s get to work.

Published on 08.03.2018