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My Career: From Start to Finnish

Legal counsellor David: it’s a great place to raise a small child

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David Chang, US. Legal counsel at a mobile gaming company

“My wife and I were ready for a new adventure.”

1. The reason I ended up in Finland is… that my wife and I were ready for a new adventure, and the opportunity to move to a country so different than what we were used to was exciting. It also helped that everything we read about Finland suggested this would be a great place to raise a small child.

2. What I find surprising about working in Finland is… how much time people take off during the summer! The office is a ghost town in July and August, and I really appreciate that there is absolutely no stigma for taking advantage of vacation time off.

3. If I could change one thing about Finnish working life it would be… for people to be more excited and emotive when giving presentations or speaking in public. Maybe it’s the American in me, but I find Finnish people can be monotonous, even delivering really exciting news.

4. My favourite thing about Finland is… the fact that it is so extremely baby and stroller friendly! Nearly every restaurant we go to has a baby chair and changing table available, and it is rarely a hassle for us to go anywhere with our massive stroller, especially on public transportation.

5. How I got my current job is… I had met the general counsel of my current company at an event a few years prior, and when he was looking to expand his team my name came up. Two visits to Helsinki and close to 10 interviews later, I accepted the job offer.

Published on 04.03.2019