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Five from Finland

Cellular technologies (5G and 6G)

With the global commercialisation of 5G currently underway, Finland is all set to become a major hub for 6G research and development.

Julia Helminen

A leader in advanced connectivity, including 5G and 6G technologies, Finland is redefining how the world connects and driving growth and productivity across industries with its innovative solutions and R&D efforts.

The world today is undergoing major changes, closely linked to the recent turbulence in health and safety on a global scale. With that in mind, the importance of secure wireless data transfer and the need for disruptive connectivity solutions are hard to overestimate.

5G has already become commonplace in Finland, with 5G networks predicted to cover all Finnish households by 2025. The application of 5G technology in industry and business is progressing as well, covering more and more areas, including logistics, mobility, energy, healthcare and entertainment. Moving further, 6G technology is believed to be the key provider of tools for the digitalisation and automation of 2030s society. Merging the physical, digital and biological worlds, 6G will reshape our everyday life in the most effective way.

In Finland, research and development activities around 6G have been substantial. Finland is home to the world’s first large-scale 6G research programme, 6G Flagship, launched in 2018. The country has also been part and parcel of European 6G flagship initiatives Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II, with technology powerhouse Nokia in charge. Another great example is 6G Finland, a national coalition of companies and research institutes formed in 2022. January 2023 saw the launch of 6G Bridge, a government-led funding programme managed by Business Finland aiming to make the country “the global leader in providing new value with 5G advanced and 6G technologies for sustainable industries and societies”.

Some of the best of Finland’s technology expertise will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2023, the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event running from 27 February to 2 March in Barcelona, Spain. Below are five examples.


FusionLayer helps companies and organisations to automate their network processes, eliminating network downtime and providing unprecedented network visibility and scalability.


With edge clouds, private 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) making their way to the mainstream, Helsinki-headquartered FusionLayer is on a mission to make managing complex corporate networks simpler, faster and safer.

FusionLayer’s patented and award-winning solutions are trusted by a wide range of companies and organisations worldwide, including those in the fields of aviation, e-commerce, defence and telecommunications. The company’s future-proof innovations are also expected to be in demand once the metaverse, an emerging new iteration of the internet, is fully embraced by society.

“Once the next-generation business infrastructure consisting of edge clouds, 5G vRANs and artificial intelligence is in place, the economic impact will be just as profound as with the original internet,” said board member Jyrki Berg. “But to get there, innovative technology companies like FusionLayer will have to lay out the infrastructure blueprints first.”


Mentura’s solutions, which support LTE, 5G, TETRA, GSM-R and hybrid networks, have been designed with safe and smart society in mind.


Founded in 2000, Mentura has grown into a leading provider of advanced and intelligent software solutions for critical operations. The company is best known for developing COREMOTE, a series of smart solutions assisting network operators and enabling authorities and professionals to efficiently manage their operations using critical communication networks.

“The demand for network availability is increasing as more and more services and technologies rely on having robust connectivity with excellent coverage and capacity to always be available,” head of product marketing Jarno Taskinen wrote in a blog. “The ability to detect network issues and react to them in real time, or even proactively, will become more important than ever.”

Mentura is also part of the recently launched Project Alpha, bringing together the public sector, higher education institutions and expert companies to develop expertise and shared innovations for identifying cyber threats and improving situational awareness.


Hamina Network Planner helps to save time and avoid mistakes when designing robust wi-fi, private 5G and IoT networks.

Hamina Wireless

Founded in 2021 and based in Helsinki, Hamina Wireless specialises in developing tools for network engineers with the ultimate goal of making their professional life easier and more efficient. Combining “rock-hard science” with unprecedented ease of use,Hamina offers tools for designing high-performing wi-fi, private 5G and IoT networks.

The company’s core product, Hamina Network Planner, allows usersto upload and manipulate floor plans, draw walls, place access points and other network infrastructure, as well as create visually appealing and interactive reports and share projects with other users.

“The same engineers that used to design and deploy only wi-fiwill need to be designing and deploying more and more technologies, and we wanted to address the whole thing,” CEO Jussi Kiviniemi explained in a video interview. “And we wanted to do so in a package that is usable, easy to learn, affordable and has fair licensing terms and conditions.”


Orbis Systems provides testing solutions that help companies in securing the quality and functionality of their tech products.

Orbis Systems

For over 10 years, Orbis Systems has been a reliable provider of quality control and testing solutions for telecommunications and manufacturing industries. The company’s offering includes various 5G over-the-air (OTA) testing solutions.

Headquartered in Oulu, Orbis Systems operates globally and has subsidiaries in China, India and the US. The company pays special attention to what it calls customer intimacy,”meaning building long-lasting relationships, fostering open communication with customers and forecasting their future needs.

“While the company is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in the midst of the current large-scale 5G ramp-up, it is also simultaneously keeping a close eye on the future,” noted head of global sales Tuukka Jousmäki. “In two to three years, the deployment of 5G technology will still continue strongly. At the same time, the development of 6G will pick up to speed and,working very closely with our customers’ R&D, we want to be inthe frontline in developing whatever is required there.”


EVA Global’s solutions link the whole EV charging value chain and enable more efficient operations at all levels.

EVA Global

Experts say that 5G connectivity is shaping e-mobility in many different ways. With more and more electric vehicles (EV) hitting the road, charging management services requiring the next level of connectivity are becoming crucially important.

Tampere-based EVA Global has been playing its part in promoting e-mobility since 2017. Crowned the growth company of the year by Kasvu Open in 2022, EVA Global offers a state-of-the-art integrated technology platform which allows to operate charging infrastructure, troubleshoot charging equipment and provide superior customer experience, among other things.

With six offices around the world and operations in over 30 countries, EVA Global ensures maximised uptime and operational efficiency for more than 400 000 partner charge points, serving over 2.5 million electric vehicle drivers annually.

“We provide assistance to the driver in their moment of need. Wherever they are, whenever and with whatever charging question they are facing,” highlighted CTO Patrick Keller. “Our focus is on customer experience. Our mission is to make it simple and hassle-free for everyone.”

By: Zhanna Koiviola