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Five From Finland

Our most-popular Fridays

This is the 135th time we have celebrated Friday. Time to take a look back and see what has caught your eye.


Wondering which of our Five for Fridays have attracted the most readers over the years?

Finnish proverbs, plastic alternatives, circular economy, education and healthtech ­– these are the topics of the most-read Five for Fridays we have published over the years.

All languages and cultures have their own proverbs and sayings that can, at first glance, seem inexplicable. Nonetheless, the seed of wisdom they carry is applicable to generation after generation.

These five traditional proverbs could function as reminders to business founders as they embark on the challenging – yet often rewarding – journey of entrepreneurship. So, wondering what Finns say to convey “empty cans rattle the most” or “greed gets you nowhere”? Check it out.

Plastic alternatives

Across the world, plastics make up 85 per cent of marine litter. In order to tackle this problem, the European Union proposed new EU-wide rules that outlaw 10 single-use plastic products.

This means abundant opportunities for Finns providing plastic-free solutions, including the likes of Sulapac, Paptic, Kotkamills, VTT and Metsä Board.

Finland has been one of the most forward-looking countries in adopting the circular economy, creating the world’s first national circular economy roadmap for 2016–2025. Both big companies and startups have also been moving actively towards it in their business development.

Circular economy practice in daily life, renewable energy from the forest industry, smart waste collection system, waste to energy and sustainable materials are but five areas in which Finns are doing great stuff.

The world loves Finnish education – so much so we have published four different education-themed Five for Fridays so far. The country’s innovative approach to learning that transcends the traditional has been very popular with readers.

Our second instalment of Five for Friday has been the most popular of the education quartet, featuring Kokoa Agency*, World of Insights, EduCluster Finland, Games education and Kide Science.

Finland is known worldwide for its leading tech solutions and its healthcare provision. The country boasts one of the most effective healthcare systems in the world, with many companies providing digital solutions to improve healthcare efficiency. Hospitals are also attracting growing numbers of international patients for demanding medical treatments.

Here you can find innovations in medical tourism, solutions that increase hospital efficiency, pharmacy automation, healthtech devices and diagnostics and genetic research, and preventive care.


*Known as Education Alliance Finland since 2019

By: James O’Sullivan