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Five from Finland

Invoicing solutions

Tired of getting tangled up in an invoicing jungle? These Finns can help.

Julia Bushueva

These Finnish companies are leading the pack with their digital invoicing innovations.

Finland’s fascination with digital solutions has greased the wheels for numerous industries. These five companies offer solutions which enable entrepreneurs and companies to do away with the clutter of paperwork and focus on more pressing matters. 


No more lost bills or missed due dates. This startup wants to eradicate paper bills with its groundbreaking mobile application for easy bill payments and consumer financing. Klever’s mobile app gathers all bills into a single service, sets due date reminders, and offers easy payment confirmation and, soon, also financing options.

“The volume of paper bills remains a universal problem. In Europe alone, around 18 billion bills are sent to consumers annually and 80 per cent of them are on paper,” said Jussi Muurikainen, head of communications at Klever.

Finnish e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware launched its solution for electronic invoice-processing in 1997. The company was listed as the world’s leading procure-to-pay solutions provider in 2017 by Forrester Research. An order from Sydney, Australia, last year illustrated the benefits of the company’s solutions for customers. 

“Our [new] customer will simplify invoicing for their suppliers while improving invoice data quality with Basware’s new SmartPDF solution, which they will be providing to hundreds of their suppliers,” said Michael Pyliotis, vice president for APAC at Basware. “They will also benefit from advanced purchase-to-pay analytics which is built into the Basware solution and gives them powerful insights into their financial data.”

Invoicing, time tracking, project management. This is only the start of a long list of the business management systems used by companies. Now this cloud service promises to bring them all under one roof.

“Companies want ease-of-use, agility and cost-efficiency,” the company’s Fredi Palmgren told us. “You can improve productivity and save time when you have a tool that people actually like to use and where all different modules work together.”

This company specialises in electronic financial administration solutions. Its software can be used on various devices and enables the transfer of financial administration functions, including invoice approval, accounting, payroll and collection, to electronic format.

“We believe that the global markets are ready for a revolution in electronic financial administration,” said the company’s managing director and CEO, Matti Lattu, after the company launched its business in Sweden and expanded its existing services in the Netherlands.

This Espoo-based e-invoicing software developer received a six million-euro funding boost last year. The funding will be used to promote the use of electronic invoicing among micro-businesses and introduce a range of new features to the invoicing software with a view to reducing the financial burden of small business owners.

“We founded our company to help entrepreneurs succeed, and that is still what drives us day in, day out,” said Mattias Hansson, the company’s co-founder and chief executive.

By: James O’Sullivan