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John Lennon Educational Tour Bus gets audible boost from Genelec

The Lennon Bus provides students from diverse backgrounds opportunities to develop skills and career path awareness. 


John Lennon Educational Tour Bus boasts new immersive sound thanks to its long-term collaboration with Finnish active loudspeaker specialist Genelec.

The company was chosen to help upgrade the Lennon Bus with a Dolby Atmos-certified 7.1.4 monitoring system comprising its studio monitors. The system features eleven Genelec smart active monitors and a subwoofer, joining the company’s existing line-up of monitors on board the bus.

The Lennon Bus is a mobile recording studio that tours North America, offering young people, communities and schools free workshops and hands-on opportunities to produce music, video and digital media projects. Its co-founder and executive director, Brian Rothschild, lauded the co-operation with Genelec, the project's partner for several years, both on the technical side and for its core values.

“People sometimes are surprised that we're bringing such a high-quality studio to students,” Rothschild said. “We go to a lot of underserved communities and places where they’ve never seen – or most importantly heard – anything like this. And a big part of the bus is providing students with the sense of support: that they matter, that we want them to be exposed to the finest that the industry has to offer.”

Genelec has been a Lennon Bus partner for several years. 


As a testament to the professional-grade quality, Wu-Tang Clan member RZA recently used the new setup to mix songs on his latest album while touring with the bus.

The Lennon Bus also recently implemented solar panels and lithium-ion batteries in a nod to environmental sustainability. Genelec welcomed the development, noting that sustainability is an integral part of its operations.

“This is another way our goals align with those of the Lennon Bus,” said Paul Stewart, sales manager at Genelec Inc. “We are glad to be working closely with them, to plant positive seeds for the next generation.”

The Lennon Bus operates in the US and Europe. Yoko Ono and Rothschild founded the non-profit programme in 1998 to provide opportunities to create original art and media.

Audible success

Although Genelec has made a global impact with its products, the company’s headquarters remain in Iisalmi, a 20 000-person town in Eastern Finland. A few years back, Good News from Finland asked CEO Siamäk Naghian how the company has made such a sizeable name for itself from this humble outpost.

“Genelec has always had to fight its way forward and persevere in the industry,” Naghian said. “The company’s main feats in its journey have been the focus on research and development, quality, boldness to be different and a societal responsibility to the community here. Today we make the best equipment in the world and our brand is one of the strongest there is.”

By: Eeva Haaramo