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Finnish animation studio Gigglebug goes big with Nickelodeon

The series is based on the children’s comic book Super Duper Bunny League. 

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Gigglebug is producing a 2D animated series based on the popular children’s comic book Super Duper Bunny League.

The 26-episode Nickelodeon series is scheduled to be released in the US next year, reports Finnish national broadcaster YLE.

The 10-million-euro production is being carried out entirely in Finland.

“We have a hundred workstations here at the studio and 150 people, including freelancers, involved in the production,” said Gigglebug CEO Anttu Harlin

“We have recruited employees both from Finland and abroad. Perhaps more than half are highly educated foreign experts who moved to Finland with contracts of one year, or one-and-a-half years, and hopefully they will then continue working here for forthcoming productions,” he added.

Gigglebug was founded 10 years ago by Joonas Utti (left) and Anttu Harlin, and has produced content for the likes of Disney (pictured), Netflix and Warner Bros.

Facebook / Gigglebug

It has been a busy year for Gigglebug, with the studio producing animation for Warner Bros, Disney and Netflix. A new Tom & Jerry series is in the can, and the studio is currently making a film based in the Batman universe.

According to Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, Nickelodeon received a production incentive of 1.8 million euros from Business Finland for Super Duper Bunny League.

The AV Production Incentive is a payment credit of up to 25 per cent of the costs of productions carried out in Finland. The goal of the initiative is to “increase international interest in Finland as a production location and to promote the development, growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies”.

By: James O’Sullivan