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Finland contributes to programme promoting innovation, rebuilding in Ukraine

Solar panel window blinds company SolarGaps is one of the 14 Ukrainian companies accepted into the Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine programme.

SolarGaps / Facebook

Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine, a programme supported by a group of advisors, entrepreneurs and business leaders from Finland, Estonia and Ukraine, aims to support innovation and rebuilding efforts in Ukraine.

The programme seeks to create innovations in the fields of energy, construction, healthcare, defence and security, and food and agriculture to facilitate the rebuilding of and foster confidence in future in youth in Ukraine.

Altogether, 14 startups were selected from 76 that applied for the programme. Alongside the coaching received from seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders in Finland, the Baltics and Ukraine, the companies also have the opportunity to receive a share of a prize pool worth more than 50 000 euros.

The pitching and mentoring aspect of the programme is organised by Ukrainian Future, a long-standing incubator that has utilised educational knowhow from Finland since 2018.

“The programme offers startups opportunities to stay in Ukraine while defending Ukraine and contributing to its rebuilding, as well as integrate with the global startup ecosystem and open up new doors to funding,” Vitaliy Lisovyi, chief executive of Ukrainian Future, summarised in a press release.

Advisor Hannele Mennala said Finnish expertise in education and entrepreneurship should have a significant role in supporting the rebuilding effort.

“The programme will yield solutions, contacts and expertise that I believe will tangibly promote the rebuilding of Ukraine,” she estimated. “I believe it will be beneficial for all participants because diverse expertise, entrepreneurial attitude and cross-border collaboration is required to develop new innovations.”

Mikko-Pekka Hanski, advisor of the programme, pointed out young people should be empowered and encouraged to dream to make sure the world becomes a better place. Startups are the beacon of hope.

By: Aleksi Teivainen