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Wolt diversifies deliveries to beauty products

Wolt is now delivering Lumene and Nordic Beauty Import cosmetic products in the capital region of Helsinki.WOLT

Finnish food delivery service Wolt has commenced delivering Lumene and Nordic Beauty Import cosmetic products to help customers who are staying at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Lumene, a Finnish manufacturer of cosmetics, and cosmetics importer Nordic Beauty Import offer over 40 beauty products to choose from when ordering through Wolt’s mobile application. The service is now available in Helsinki and the rest of the capital region, and the products are to be delivered to customers’ doorstep within an hour. A courier picks up the order from a special collection point without human contact and leaves the package at the customer’s door.

“With the service, we enable consumers to carry on with their skincare routines or pamper and take care of themselves even during these exceptional times,” told Tiina Bensky, general manager at Lumene. “Now it is more and more important that the availability of products is safe and easy. That is why cosmetics can now be ordered directly to doorsteps through Wolt’s mobile application besides Lumene’s own online store.”

Groceries and pharmaceuticals next?

This is the first time that Wolt is delivering beauty products. Whilst the delivery of restaurant food remains its core business, Wolt has also commenced delivering small home necessities from Clas Ohlson, one of the biggest retail chains in the Nordics. This is in addition to Wolt’s delivery portfolio of wellbeing products, flowers, ice-cream and other desserts, groceries, pet food, hand sanitiser and fruit in various markets.

Wolt users in Helsinki now have Lumene products at their fingertips. Image: Lumene

“Wolt is constantly looking for the best ways to serve the 75 cities it operates in, as delivery helps people to stay at home and therefore contributes to flattening the curve,” said Heini Vesander, head of communications and PR at Wolt. “Right now, we’re looking into starting grocery deliveries in some of our countries, and we’re in talks with many companies globally.”

Aside from the collaboration with Lumene, Wolt has recently launched a special hand sanitiser shop dubbed Helsingin Käsidesi. “We would gladly start delivering pharmaceuticals and other necessities, too, if local authorities in the countries allow it,” told Vesander.

As its roots are in Finland, where the population density is low, Wolt has focused on technology and efficiency from the get-go. Vesander underlines that this enables the company to take on new offerings relatively fast and efficiently.

“It’s important to remember, however, that all new product categories come with some new challenges. For example, we have to carefully consider the maximum amount a courier can deliver at once and how the products are packed efficiently on the retailer’s side,” explained Vesander.

Published on 31.03.2020