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Jobs in Finland portal is open for business

The portal will first cover the capital and Southwest regions and spread outwards to Central Finland in the second phase of its launch.

Jussi Hellsten

The multi-agency job recruitment site Jobs in Finland has been launched in an effort to attract more international talent to Finland.

The website is the first to aggregate job openings that don’t require Finnish skills, serving employers and job seekers alike.

“With the Jobs in Finland website, we’re supporting Finnish employers in gaining international visibility for positions with a shortage of applicants in Finland,” explained Sonja Hämäläinen, migration director at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. “Meanwhile, international talent interested and residing in Finland can find suitable and open positions easier.”

Jobs in Finland is the latest project launched under Talent Boost, an initiative that aims to promote employment-based immigration to tackle the labour shortage in Finland. Estimates of the annual need for international talent have ranged from 20 000 to 35 000.

Especially SMEs may not have the tools or resources to recruit internationally, despite generating around 58 per cent of total business turnover and 16 per cent of export revenue in Finland.

“The website is one concrete tool to mitigate the skills shortage,” commented Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä, head of Talent Boost Finland at Business Finland. “Now there’s one venue for displaying and marketing these positions, for example, at international recruitment fairs.”

The Talent Boost initiative is run by Business Finland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

By: Samuli Ojala