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Fazer packing Moomin chocolate in wood-based material

Fazer’s Moomin chocolate drops got a new environment-friendly “bark” in October 2020.Paptic

Finnish food industry giant Fazer’s Moomin chocolate drops have become the first foodstuff to be wrapped in Paptic Gavia, a wood-based material made predominantly of raw materials from certified forests and other renewable sources.

The chocolate drops became available in the environment-friendly packaging last month through Fazer and K Group, the operator of one of the largest grocery shop chains in Finland. 

“Conscious consumption is a growing trend,” remarked Timo Jäske, the vice president of grocery-trade sustainability at K Group. “Our customers are interested in decreasing and recycling plastic, and they turn to us for help in this. By buying products that utilise the circular economy, our customers can perform actually sustainable actions in their daily lives.” 

The move away from plastic bags and carton boxes to the wood-based material is part of the sustainability strategy of Fazer. The strategy is pushing the company to favour recyclable, reusable and renewing packaging materials, and constantly explore new ways to build a more sustainable future. 

The chocolate drops became hit stores last month. Image: Paptic

Sari Sarin, the head of sustainability at Fazer, pointed out that the right packaging solution can promote food safety and minimise food waste.  

“And reducing food waste is one of the key ways of minimising the adverse environmental impacts of food production,” she added. “For the environment, sorting packages correctly is crucial. To make sorting easier, we have introduced clear recycling markings to our packaging this year.” 

Paptic Gavia has been used for a couple of years at the visitor centre of Fazer in Vantaa, Southern Finland. Fazer has an exclusive right to use the material in confectionery packaging in the Baltics and Nordics until 31 December 2021. 

Published on 12.11.2020