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Angry Birds cheer up kids before MRI in Oulu

The MRI room has plenty to look at for children waiting for imaging.

Teemu Kemilä

HP Finland, Rovio Entertainment, Coloro and Seri-Deco have donated Angry Birds-themed wallpapers to a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) room in the children wing of Oulu University Hospital.

The wallpapers were designed carefully in order not to excite the young patients excessively and complicate the imaging process. They were printed with Coloro’s HP Latex 1500, a large-format printer that uses safe and durable water-based inks. The PVC-free adhesives, in turn, were donated by 3M, Rovio and Seri-Deco.

“It has been wonderful to be part of such an important project that can alleviate children’s fears about magnetic resonance imaging equipment,” statedJarkko Huhtaniitty, the CEO of HP Finland.

HP Finland learnt about the decorative needs of the hospital wing from the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals (Kummit).

Matti Valli, the director of marketing and communications at Kummit, reminded that it is important also for the success of treatments to make sure children’s hospitals are perceived as positive places that provide excellent care from the standpoint of children, in spite of the difficult issues they are associated with.

“Collaboration is powerful, and we are truly grateful to the supporters for carrying out the project so well,” he said.

Teemu teddy bears and the Angry Birds hope to placate children before their procedure. Image: Teemu Kemilä / Rovio

The process of finding the collaborators proved easy.

“Rovio’s flame flickers warmly whenever we can be part of a project bringing joy and peace of mind to young patients in the form of the Angry Birds characters,” said Kati Levoranta, the CEO of Rovio.

“We were humbled to be selected to colour such an important target,” echoed Sampsa Lilja, the head of development at Coloro. “Colours bring joy to the life and, especially for children, colours are important.”

The MRI room is already partly in use and is scheduled to open fully in January 2021.

Published on 01.12.2020