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The Magic Life of V chosen for Sundance and Berlinale

Veera hasn’t met her abusive father in 14 years and is still coming to grips with her traumas.Aleksander Valeriev Stanishev

Tonislav Hristov’s the Magic Life of V (Veeran maaginen elämä) has been selected for the prestigious film festivals to make its world and European premieres.

The Finnish-Danish-Bulgarian co-production has been selected for the Berlin International Film Festival, commonly known as Berlinale, which is one of the big three European film festivals alongside Venice and Cannes.

Berlinale will be held for the 69th time in the beginning of February, and The Magic Life of V will be screened in the category exploring the experiences of young people from their point of view.

In addition to Berlinale, The Magic Life of V was chosen for the Sundance Film Festival late last year. The festival will be held from 24 January to 3 February, giving the documentary its world premiere in the World Cinema Documentary Competition.

“It’s great to have The Magic Life of V chosen for Berlin,” says Tonislav Hristov. “Berlinale is at the very top of eminent world film festivals and being chosen for it, alongside a selection for Sundance, is a very rare treat – at least for me.”

The documentary tells the story of Veera, who tries to overcome her violent childhood with live roleplaying. In her hobby, Veera becomes V – a brave character ready to confront her foes and someone from whom Veera can gather the grit to face her real-life adversaries.

The script was written by Hristov and Kaarle Aho, who is also the co-producer of the film alongside Kai Nordberg.

By: Samuli Ojala