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Paf awarded for social responsibility

Liliana Bugallo, the affiliate manager for Paf.es accepted the recognition at Acencas’ annual conference for responsible gaming in Barcelona.Paf

Finnish gaming company Paf has been recognised for its work to promote responsible gambling in Spain by the Catalan Association of Social Addictions (Acencas).

The Mariehamn-based Paf is the first online gaming company to receive the recognition at Acencas’ annual conference, which was this year organised for the 13th time. Paf was congratulated especially for optimising its initiatives according to the needs of society.

One example of its initiatives to tackle problem gaming is the introduction of the world’s first loss limit for individual players. The 30 000-euro limit has translated to a four million-euro loss in the company’s revenue from big players. In addition, Paf began to directly contact players who showed risky behaviour in the company’s online games in 2018. A total of 8 400 players were called up, confronted about their gaming habits and told of ways to diffuse risks.

“The goal of Paf is that our players enjoy playing online. So we take great care of our players’ wellbeing. Not only that, Paf also allocates 100 per cent of its profits to social projects,” saidCristina Sebastián, country manager of Paf.es.

Setting an example

With a 53-year track record, Paf has donated more than 300 million euros to non-profit organisations that help groups such as children, pensioners and disabled people. Having grown into a 400-person company with operations in 30 countries, Paf wants to set an example in the industry.

“At Paf we are aware of the reputation of the sector and the need to work for a society that is free of addictions and, therefore, we are working continuously with the aim of being an honest, transparent and reliable operator with its own internal mechanisms to prevent, detect and support problem behaviours gaming, and thus encourage balanced playing just for enjoyment,” explained Sebastián.

Paf’s revenue in 2017 was 116.5 million euros, which resulted in a 29.4 million-euro profit. The company was established in 1966 and was one of the first to take their games online in 1999.

By: Samuli Ojala