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MetGen receives EUR 500K in EU funding

MetGen develops tailor-made enzymes that can be used to extract valuable resources from biomass.Screenshot/Spinverse

Finnish biotech company MetGen has secured 500 000 euros in funding for its role in the EU-funded WoodZymes research project.

WoodZymes is a large-scale project that explores how to extract lignin and hemicelluloses more efficiently from the cellulose-making process, and how to use them as valuable bio-based resources in different industries.

MetGen plays a central role in the project as its tailor-made enzymes are used as catalysts that help to extract more lignin and hemicelluloses in a more sustainable manner.

“The most important aspect of the project is that we can create value from biomass that has previously been considered process waste,” said MetGen’s CTO Matti Heikkilä. “We can significantly improve and boost the effectiveness and processes of existing production facilities without making sizeable investments.”

MetGen secured the substantial funding with the help of its long-time consultant, Finnish firm Spinverse, which has helped MetGen secure 12 million euros in EU funding to date.

The Finnish biotech company’s innovations have previously earned it a John Sime Award and attracted interest in the US.

Published on 29.01.2019