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Hatch gets 5G gaming with Samsung

Hatch’s cloud gaming service will be included in Samsung’s new flagship device, Galaxy S10 5G.Hatch

Rovio subsidiary Hatch has teamed up with smartphone giant Samsung to bring 5G gaming to Korea and beyond.

The Hatch cloud gaming service will be launched with Samsung’s new flagship device, Galaxy S10 5G, on the world’s fourth-largest games market.

Buyers of Galaxy S10 5G will receive three free months of Hatch Premium, while Samsung will promote the cloud gaming service in retail shops across the country and on its own app stores. Hatch League e-sports tournaments are also planned for later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G users will also be among the first in the world to get to try out ArkanoidRising, a reboot of an arcade classic produced by Hatch in collaboration with legendary Japanese developer TAITO.

Hatch and Samsung will start the collaboration in Korea and explore opportunities for further expansion as 5G roll-outs advance globally. The Finnish cloud gaming pioneer has recently also teamed up on 5G gaming with teleoperator Sprint in the US and NTT DOCOMO in Japan.

Published on 11.04.2019