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Gasera raises EUR 1.7 million

Gasera CEO Dr. Ismo Kauppinen with gas measurement module.Gasera

Gasera, a Finnish deep tech company manufacturing air quality measurement products, has been boosted by significant international investments.

The Finnish company raised 1.7 million euros in a recent funding round to accelerate the expansion of its product business in international markets.

The investments were secured from major new international investors including a Silicon Valley tech investor and German business angel.

“In addition to funding, we sought strategic relationships and the added value that international investors bring,” said Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, CEO of Gasera. “Our success at that speaks to how productive and significant our developmental work has been. The international funding we achieved also sends a message about interest in Finnish high-tech knowhow.”

Gasera will use the new funding to build a global distribution network and expand production. Its sights are set on becoming a global leader in the development and manufacturing of measurement equipment for formaldehyde, a colourless gas released by industry and traffic.

The company is currently experiencing its strongest growth in Asia, where air pollution is a major health issue. Its products offer industry and manufacturing facilities real-time, on-site data on emissions without the need for laboratory analyses.

Published on 01.04.2019