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Finnish medical expertise tackles diabetes

The first meeting with the research project team was held in January in Stockholm.Crown CRO

Crown CRO and Swedish company Sigrid Therapeutics have agreed to join forces to study prediabetes.

The clinical study will test the efficacy and safety of a digestible medicine, called SiPore15, among 40 participants over six months. The aim of the study is to cure metabolic disorders in the early phase of prediabetes. It is estimated that the prevalence of prediabetes is increasing globally and will affect 470 million people in 2030, with no known cure at present.

“Prediabetes is a serious condition, to which elevated blood sugar values are related to,” said Sana Alajmovic, co-founder of Sigrid Therapeutics. “It increases the risk of type 2 diabetes especially, but also the risk of heart attack and stroke.”

The Espoo-based Crown CRO will be responsible for the implementation, documentation and reporting of the research project.

“We’re expecting the research to demonstrate the treatment potential of the product and to promote the granting of regulatory approvals,” noted Alajmovic. “It’s wonderful that our partner is Crown, who’ve demonstrated that they’re committed to the quality standards and schedules of the project.”

The research team will be led by Kirsi Pietiläinen from the University of Helsinki, who has studied metabolism and obesity for the past three decades.

“It is an honour for us to be able to implement this internationally relevant study,” commented Tarja Leikas, CEO of Crown CRO. “The prevalence of prediabetes and the promising treatment potential of SiPore15 will likely enable us to recruit the examinees quickly.”

By: Samuli Ojala