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Finnish companies expand their horizons

Kamux’s customers in Germany will have a wider range of cars to choose from when the new showroom opens in the summer.Credits: : Kamux

Finnish firm Fellow Finance is expanding its peer-to-peer lending platform to Denmark, while Finnish used car dealer Kamux is opening its fifth showroom in Germany.

First to Fellow Finance, which is launching its service in Denmark. The expansion will enable Danish consumers to search for optimal financing through the Fellow Finance platform, while giving investors access to the Danish consumer loan market, in addition to the Finnish, German, Polish and Swedish markets.

“The expansion to Danish market makes it possible for Danish consumers to look for the best offers and lowest rates easily with the current 11 000 platform lenders,” said Jouni Hintikka, CEO of Fellow Finance. “At the same time, the investors using our platform can already diversify their investing portfolio to five different consumer loan markets in Europe and to business funding in Finland.”

Then on to used car dealer Kamux, which is opening a new showroom in Tostedt during the summer of 2019. The new showroom is the Finnish car dealers’ fifth in the country and will strengthen its foothold in the Hamburg metropolitan area.

“Tostedt is an economic centre and a vivid retail area,” commented Oliver Michels, Kamux’s country director in Germany. “It is located along the connection between two large metropolitan regions, Hamburg and Bremen. This offers us an excellent opportunity to be near customers. The Tostedt showroom will have a large outdoor area as well as good showroom facilities.”

Published on 25.01.2019