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Finnish cleantech trio saluted on global list

“Our company brings intelligence to industrial batteries to enable predictive maintenance and optimal battery use,” explained Bamomas co-founder Pavel Marek (left).Screenshot / Kasvu Open

Bamomas, Carbo Culture and Infinited Fiber Company have been recognised on Cleantech Group’s list of transformative cleantech companies.

Research and consulting firm Cleantech Group has published its new 50 to Watch list that aims to give the stage to companies “developing high-impact solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges” in six different categories, including food, fashion and energy.

“50 to watch companies give their all to achieve profitable impact,” said Jules Besnainou, director of Cleantech Group. “They tackle pressing global challenges with creative pragmatism and dedication. Together, they form a roadmap to a more sustainable future.”

Finnish growth companies Bamomas, Carbo Culture and Infinited Fiber Company made the list in their respective categories and will be heading to Paris for a summit between the selected companies and the expert panel that made the selections.

“We help people and companies to be more responsible in how they use their batteries through industrial-scale intelligent hardware and analytics,” told Pavel Marek, co-founder of Bamomas. “It’s very popular to speak of electric cars, but there’s big demand for industrial battery solutions that deserve attention as well.”

Carbo Culture is in the business of converting biowaste into biochar for use in the agriculture industry and brought in 550 000 euros in seed funding in 2018. Infinited Fiber Company recently secured 3.7 million euros in funding to develop its offering of sustainable fibres for the textile industry.

Carbo Culture’s mission is to remove a gigaton of CO2 on an annual basis by 2030. Image: Carbo Culture
By: Samuli Ojala