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BCaster and ESPAT Media team up for e-sports

BCaster is bringing its AI-powered platform to e-sports to enhance curation of user-generated content in the booming, competitive gaming industry.Screenshot / BCaster

Finnish media platform builder BCaster has partnered with US-based ESPAT Media to provide real-time photo and video monetisation services in e-sports.

BCaster develops user-generated content (UGC) platforms with real-time sharing and delivery of photos and videos, while ESPAT provides creative services for the e-sports industry.

In the partnership, BCaster will customise its real-time platform for contextual content delivery for ESPAT’s clients and enhance curation of user-generated content during e-sports tournaments.

“We view e-sports as the ultimate mobile UGC forum, and ESPAT is an ideal partner for us in this rapidly growing phenomenon,” said Janne Neuvonen, CEO and co-founder of BCaster. “As brands and media become more aware of the power of the e-sports audience, BCaster and ESPAT will be able to expertly support the digital ecosystem that serves this exciting community.”

Through BCaster, e-sports content can be captured and distributed dynamically around the world, allowing rights holders to monetise UGC and fans to share content on their social feeds.

The Finnish startup has previously developed customised services for brands and covered events in Finland. In 2017, it managed to raise 1.2 million euros in crowdfunding in less than 24 hours.

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Published on 12.02.2019