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Arkki expands design education to China

Shenzen is the first step in Arkki’s expansion into China.Cheng Yin

Finland’s Arkki will take its architecture and design education concept for children and youth to Shenzen, China. 

Arkki will collaborate in the region Vanhang Sailing Company, which is affiliated with Meisha Education. The duo will implement Arkki’s after-school programme, which covers architecture and design education to children aged 4–18 years and includes a total of 1 500 hours of pedagogically curated learning.

“We look forward to [implementing] this unique pedagogical approach to empower children with innovation skills needed for the future, such as design thinking, complex problem solving and creativity,” stated Vincent Wang, the CEO of Vanghang Sailing company and executive partner of Meisha Education.

“These skills are essential for the academic, professional and personal development of every child no matter what their future profession will be,” he continued.

Arkki’s aim is to make children more innovative, active and responsible through the education of architecture and design. Image: Arkki

Big prospects

Shenzen is the first step in Arkki’s expansion into China and more could be on the horizon, especially with Meisha Education on board from the get-go. Meisha offers education to Chinese children in hundreds of community learning centres, kindergartens and schools.

“We are thrilled to start the education programme in Shenzhen and other cities in China and looking forward to unveil and nurture the amazing creative potential of the local children,” said Pihla Meskanen, the CEO of Arkki.

Arkki was established 25 years ago and has had over 100 000 children participate in its programmes over the years. The company has been busy in Asia lately, strengthening its presence in Vietnam with the opening of two new centres in Ho Chi Minh City.

By: Samuli Ojala