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XXL steps up collaboration with Noccela

Founded in 2014, Noccela has grown to be a company with more than 20 employees through two rounds of financing, and it is now aiming to take its solution abroad.Noccela

Norwegian sports retail chain XXL is expanding its cooperation with Finnish growth company Noccela.

Turku-based Noccela’s new anti-theft alarm tag has significantly helped reduce XXL’s shrinkage during a trial period. The Nordics’ biggest sporting goods chain is now rolling out the smart indoor positioning-based anti-theft tags in its stores nationwide.

“We’ve been using the alarm tags on certain easy-to-steal products, and the shrinkage of these products fell to a minimum during the trial,” says XXL operations manager Iiro Oravisjärvi.

The shrinkage caused by shoplifting is especially problematic for certain product categories. “Typically, professional thieves are interested in products with a good resale value,” states Toni Stenström, sales manager at Noccela. “This means new seasonal products as well as branded products. XXL sells both of these.”

The positive development has also attracted the attention of Oslo.

“I have been discussing this at our main office in Norway too, and the other Nordic countries have indeed been following the development of our shrinkage with great interest,” adds Oravisjärvi of XXL.

Published on 10.04.2018