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VibeCatch boosts productivity in the Netherlands

VibeCatch improves employee productivity and the work environment with its science-based Quality of Work Life (QWL) method.Screenshot / VibeCatch

The Finnish employee engagement service VibeCatch is launching in the Netherlands following success in the Nordics.

VibeCatch helps to significantly improve productivity levels at companies by pointing out the wellbeing and strengths of employees to management and human resources teams.

After experiencing rapid growth in the Nordics, VibeCatch will now roll out its service in the Netherlands.

“Dutch organisations of all sizes from various industries are recognising the need for more frequent employee feedback and engagement data,” says Juha Huttunen, CEO and co-founder of VibeCatch. “With this knowledge, business leaders now have a deeper understanding of sentiment across their workforce, enabling them to take appropriate action to solve specific issues before they get bigger and more damaging to the business as a whole.”

VibeCatch’s approach is based in science and it uses a so-called Quality of Work Life method that consists of 15 strategically selected questions for employees designed to help uncover what areas of the business need improvement.

“We have companies that have used the Quality of Work Life, or QWL, method and within a year have improved their profitability by 25 per cent due to increased engagement,” Huttunen points out.

Published on 08.06.2018