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UN Technology Innovation Labs partners with xEdu

By speeding up the global deployment of the best learning innovations provided by UNTIL-XEDU startups, millions of learners are set to benefit.Shutterstock

United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) and Finnish edtech startup accelerator xEdu are set to accelerate the development and implementation of new learning solutions for emerging economies.

Known as the UNTIL-XEDU Learning Accelerator, the initiative is inviting startups specialising in this area to join the xEdu acceleration programme this autumn. The programme will include modules focusing on the specific issues affecting developing countries and will continue with chosen UNTIL country pilot deployments in the spring of 2019.

“UNTIL is pleased to work with key partners to bring first tangible results out from the collaboration between Finland and the UN that resulted in the creation of UNTIL Finland in Espoo, supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland,” states Salem Avan, chief of knowledge management at UNHQ in New York. “With the insight that Finland has on how to use technology to make education work, we can expect great things from the collaboration.”

The initiative will be coordinated at UNTIL Labs in the Finnish city of Espoo, with the application process open until 22 August this year.

Published on 09.08.2018