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Robotic research bolstered by Finnish expertise

Cobots are single- or double-armed devices that carry out simple tasks to increase effectivity and drive down labour costs. istock.com/zoranm

Researchers from Tampere University of Technology and Tieto are joining the US software giant CA Technologies on a collaborative robotics research project.

The ‘Cobotics’ project aims to optimise human-robot workflows by exploring the challenges of building safe, secure and effective collaborative robots designed to work with humans.

Central to the research is to ensure proper control and execution of the ‘cobot’ workflows and understand the information requirements.

“Robotics has reached a stage where the value that robots provide can be significantly amplified by enabling them to truly collaborate with humans,” saysOtto Berkes, chief technology officer at CA Technologies. “Developing the right models and algorithms for that collaboration, while paying careful attention to safety and cyber security will define the next phase in the robotics field.”

The Cobotics research project is jointly funded by Business Finland (formally Tekes), Tampere University of Technology, Finnish IT software and service company Tieto and CA Technologies. The first stage of the project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2018.

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Published on 19.01.2018