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Recticel eyes Baltic Sea region from Finnish office

Recticel is using its new Finnish office as a launching pad for operations in the region.Recticel

Polyurethane solutions supplier and European market leader Recticel Insulation has announced plans to expand to Finland.

Recticel Insulation is to set up shop in Mäntsälä in a drive to increase its sales operations for polyurethane (PIR) boards, which are not very common in the Finnish construction business at present.

The company is looking to increase its PIR boards sales amid tightening construction standards and requirements. PIR provides 30 per cent better thermal insulation than mineral wool – a commonly used material in the Finnish construction industry.

“PIR material requires less space in the structure of a building, which means that the interiors can be made more spacious,” says Sami Kivistö, commercial director for the Nordics at Recticel Insulation. “With ample insulation, less energy is needed for heating and cooling, which reduces carbon dioxide emission.”

Recticel Insulation decided to establish an office in Finland to make a push not only for local markets, but also for the broader region.

“We will be able to do business in a broader area. It [Mäntsälä] offers easy access to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Baltics and St. Petersburg,” says Ralf Becker, group general manager at Recticel Insulation. “The Finnish insulation markets are lucrative and the workforce is competent. Finland is a safe place for foreign investments,” Becker continues.

Recticel is a 7 600-strong corporation operating in 27 countries worldwide in the furniture, automotive and construction industries.

Published on 16.10.2018