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PayiQ and SkedGo join for one app to move them all

PayiQ and SkedGo are integrating their technologies to offer one mobile app that takes care of all the transport needs of customers.SkedGo

Finnish fintech company PayiQ is teaming up with Australian smart mobility software developer SkedGo to provide state-of-the-art cashless door-to-door urban travelling.

Combining PayiQ’s versatile mobile ticketing platform with SkedGo’s intelligent trip planning will allow customers to take care of all their transport needs with one mobile app.

The two companies have collaborated on pushing mobility as a service (MaaS) from theory to practice since 2016 and have now reached a significant milestone by signing an agreement to integrate their technologies.

“We’re excited about this alliance with SkedGo,” PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen said in a press release. “By combining our ticketing-as-a-service platform with SkedGo’s trip planning services, we can offer customers one app with which to plan their journey and pay for all the necessary vehicles and tickets, and even events.”

The duo will start off by collaborating on MaaS projects in Spain and Germany.

“Juggling several transport apps will become a thing of the past eventually and this is a step in the right direction towards making MaaS a reality,” said Claus von Hessberg, co-founder of SkedGo.

Published on 13.11.2018