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Naava expands to Asia and beyond

Naava’s living walls are a biological air purifier, humidifier and a space divider all in one.Naava

Finnish health technology company Naava has commenced operations in Seoul, South Korea, and has announced plans to expand to Central Europe in 2019.

Naava develops intelligent green wall furniture products, which act as biological air purifiers, humidifiers and space dividers. The company has collaborated with Sejung Group in Seoul, which with its network of 1 500 stores is one of the leading high-end lifestyle companies in South Korea.

Naava brings the benefits of nature indoors. Image: Naava

“Asia has been Naava’s ultimate goal the whole time,” states Naava’s executive chairman Arttu Salmenhaara. “Even though all countries – including the Nordic countries with pure outdoor air – benefit from better indoor air, in Asia the problem with air pollution is severe.”

Central focus

Naava also introduced its product to the Central European audience at Orgatec last week in Cologne, Germany.

“We are happy to inform that Naava will be available in the first Central European markets in 2019,” Salmenhaara continued. “Naava is looking for mission-matched distribution partners in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland and the UK. We are also looking for a location to set up our Central European biofilter production.”

Founded in Finland in 2012, Naava first expanded to neighbouring Sweden and later to the US and Canada. The company has been listed in WIRED UK as one of the hottest startups in Europe.

Published on 30.10.2018