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Miradore gets backed by Standout Capital

With Standout Capital as the company’s largest shareholder, Miradore CEO Simo Salmensuu believes the firm is well equipped to meet international demand.Miradore

Finnish device management and security software firm Miradore has secured Stockholm-based Standout Capital as its largest investor, to help spur international growth.

The Finnish company keeps corporate devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets, secure with its software, and its cloud-based solutions allow for the efficient management of any type of IT and mobile device.

The industries where Miradore is active range from healthcare and retail to government and education, and the company also works with managed service providers such as Tieto and Fujitsu.

“We are experiencing significant international demand from our customers for increased device and security management for any type of devices their employees are using,” says Miradore CEO Simo Salmensuu, in a release. “With Standout as a professional investor, we are well-equipped to meet the increasing demand from our customers particularly in the US and continue to invest in our products.”

Standout Capital is one of the largest growth capital investors in the Nordic region and, with its backing, Miradore looks to increase investments in organic growth internationally and also pursue selective acquisition opportunities.

Published on 29.05.2018