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Lyyti franchise lands in the Netherlands

According to Lyyti CEO Petri Hollmén, the aim of the new Lyyti franchise is to become the largest in its field in the Netherlands within three years.Lyyti

Finnish event management company Lyyti continues its international expansion with a new franchise set to open in the Netherlands in October.

Lyyti’s first franchise office opened in France in the spring 2017, and franchising has proven to be the internationalisation model of choice for the company from the Finnish city of Turku.

Now it’s time for the Netherlands, where the former Event Assist company will shift to Lyyti’s platform and become part of the Lyyti brand under the name Lyyti Nederland.

“Success in a new market requires knowledge of the market and culture, ready networks, speaking the local language and expertise in the events,” saysPetri Hollmén, CEO of Lyyti. “This is why a local entrepreneur and team is the best model for us to grow in the world. We support the Lyyti entrepreneurs worldwide from Finland. Our aim is to operate in more than 10 countries using this model in a few year’s time.”

This year Lyyti’s turnover will exceed four million euros, with around 15 per cent coming from international markets. The company is also present in countries including Sweden and Germany, where it operates independently.

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Published on 01.10.2018