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Life in Four Elements tops mountain film festival

Life in Four Elements follows the adventures and lives of four men and women who meet the four primordial elements head-on.MRP Matila Röhr Productions

The Finnish documentary film Life in Four Elements (Neljä Elementtiä) has been named the Best Film About Mountains, Sports and Adventure at the 12th Festival Gorniškega Filma in Slovenia.

Life in Four Elements documents the human experience with the primordial elements: earth, air, fire and water. It came out on top in the Mountains, Sports and Adventure category at the Festival Gorniškega Filma, which is part of the International Alliance for Mountain Film.

“It is hard to feel the existence of the four basic elements [on] Earth in our everyday life,” the festival jury commented, in a release. “But this film enables us to feel those elements so [vividly] while we are watching the adventures and lives of the four adventurers through beautifully shot images and delicately connected scenes. Eventually it makes us realise humans are just one of the elements making up the Earth.”

The film is directed by Austrian Natalie Halla, produced by Finnish production company MRP Matila Röhr Productions and assembled by a team of Finnish filmmakers.

It has previously been recognised with two awards: one in Bilbao for the film’s cinematographer Teemu Liakka, and the other at the Trento Film Festival in Italy for Best Artistic-Technical Contribution.

Published on 07.03.2018