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Hartwall’s Original Long Drink lands in China

Finnish Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen is the face of the Original Long Drink brand. Hartwall

Leading Finnish beverage company Hartwall continues to expand the worldwide exports of its Original Long Drink alcoholic beverage, with sales kicking off in China.

Hartwall’s Original Long Drink, made from gin, grapefruit and water, is being sold in China through Alibaba’s online store, which serves hundreds of millions of customers every month.

The launch took take place amidst much fanfare, complete with a live broadcast in which Chinese celebrity Vivian Wang interviewed Finnish Formula One driver KimiRäikkönen, who is helping Hartwall bring the Original Long Drink to the world.

“Live broadcasts in China are very trendy right now, and millions of Chinese buy the products appearing in them,” says Eeva Ignatius, marketing manager at Hartwall. “It’s an excellent way to reach a lot of potential customers at once, as you can direct viewers straight to the online store.”

The export campaign will also utilise local social media in China and social media influencers, who will help find the aspects of the Original Long Drink that appeal most to Chinese consumers.

One such example is that China made its Olympics debut at the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland, where Hartwall first introduced the Original Long Drink.

Global markets are increasingly opening up for the drink. Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong have developed a taste for it, and the Finnish company has also signed distribution agreements in Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Published on 12.04.2018