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GoSleep catches over EUR 1 million funding

GoSleep Sleep Pods are prevalent at Helsinki Airport and have found their way to other international airports.GoSleep

The Finnish company behind airport sleeping pods that help travellers to rest in privacy has received more than one million euros in funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot.

GoSleep develops different solutions that help with relaxation and privacy especially at airports, but it is now looking to break into other markets with the momentum provided by the substantial EIC pilot-funding.

GoSleep’s new Iqlooo pod. Image: Screenshot/ GoSleep

The EIC pilot is part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and supports innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists scaling up their products and ideas internationally. GoSleep was chosen along with 57 other top European innovators for the EIC pilot.

“We will focus particularly on the development of our new Iqlooo product and its international scalability,” says GoSleep’s CEO Jussi Piispanen. “Iqlooo is a new kind of pod, where it’s possible to work, sleep or breast feed for example. The first pilot products are already in use at Dubai’s international airport.”

To help with the very demanding qualification process for the EIC pilot, GoSleep turned to Innovation Manager Finland, which specialises in innovation funding applications for Business Finland and EU-funding.

“Compiling the funding application was a laborious and intensive process,” says GoSleep’s chairman Esko Koikkalainen. “Without a competent EU-application service provider, the scheme would probably not have gone ahead.”

Published on 16.03.2018