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Goodio teams up with Ubuntu Foundation

Café Ubuntu is an actual café in Maai Mahiu. Its namesake chocolate will support children and women in the Kenyan settlement.Goodio/Jussi Salonen

Finnish chocolate company Goodio is collaborating with the Ubuntu Foundation by releasing a new coffee chocolate that will support Ubuntu’s charity programs in Kenya.

The Café Ubuntu chocolate combines Ubuntu’s East African coffee with Ugandan cacao, and the vegan-friendly treat is produced at Goodio’s factory in the Kallio neighbourhood of Helsinki, Finland.

Café Ubuntu chocolate combines East African coffee and cacao. Image: Goodio/Jussi Salonen

For every sold chocolate bar, 50 cents will be donated to Ubuntu’s health and education programmes that support children with special needs, and empower and provide education to women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

“We are extremely thrilled about our partnership with Ubuntu,” says Jukka Peltola, founder of Goodio. “It’s always fun and rewarding to work with like-minded people who are interested in doing good. I feel that this is also a great opportunity for the consumers to make a positive impact with the simple act of buying delicious chocolate.”

Café Ubuntu chocolate will be available from the beginning of June in Finland and in the other Nordic countries, while Whole Foods Market will also exclusively sell the chocolate in the US and the UK.

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Published on 29.05.2018