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Finnish startups win at European Venture Contest

LullaMe CEO Hanna Sissala’s innovation is rocking babies to sleep while catching the attention of international investors.LullaMe

Finnish companies Surgify and LullaMe have won in their respective categories at the 12th European Venture Contest organised in Germany.

There were more than 2 400 entries from 27 countries to this year’s European Venture Contest, which brought promising startups and venture capital investors together in Düsseldorf between 11 and 12 December.

The top 125 contestants made it to the final, with 24 startups returning home as winners. Among the winners were Finnish companies Surgify and LullaMe.

Surgify’s technology makes bone surgery safer by protecting soft structures and preventing associated complications. LullaMe, on the other hand, has developed a rocking mattress that helps babies to sleep.

“This is an excellent result for us Finnish companies!” said Visa Sippola, CEO of Surgify. “With respect to population size, there are surprisingly many startups coming from Finland that interest venture capitalists.”

LullaMe CEO Hanna Sissala commented: “According to professional investors we now belong to the most interesting percentage of European startups. This offers great possibilities for international growth.”

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Published on 14.12.2018