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Finnish scientific innovation recognised in Israel

The award is the world’s largest monetary prize awarded in the field of alternative fuels.Neste

Dr. Lars Peter Lindfors and his team have been awarded the Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation.

Lars Peter Lindfors Image: Smart Mobility Summit

Lindfors is the senior vice president of technology at Finnish refining and marketing company Neste. The team has developed groundbreaking methods to make biodiesel fuel from organic waste materials. These feedstocks include animal and fish fats, used cooking oil and various residues generated during vegetable oil refining.

“I am truly honoured by this recognition – not only for myself and the team, but for everyone at Neste, who made this innovation’s commercial success possible,” says Lindfors.

Neste has earlier been recognised for producing the world’s greatest volume of renewable fuels from waste and residues.

The one million-US dollar award is shared with Israel’s Doron Aurbach and was presented at the annual Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv.

Published on 29.10.2018