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Finnish race horse documentary wins in New York

The Fairytale of Saaga S tells the story of a special horse and its owners who could never have dreamt of the success it would achieve on the race tracks.Suomen Hippos/Anu Leppänen

Kai Kuntola’s documentary Fairytale of Saaga S (Satu Suomenhevosesta Saaga S) has won the top prize at the Equus Film Festival in New York, the US.

Fairytale of Saaga S is a remarkable story of racehorse Saaga S, perseverance and following your dreams, set against the backdrop of Finnish nature.

Saaga S is one the most successful racehorses in Finnish history, having been crowned Trotting Queen three times in a row at the Finnish Trotting Championship (Kuninkuusravit), Finland’s national championship for the Finnhorse breed.

“The film was much lauded for the touching story and beautiful footage of Finnish nature,” commented director Kuntola in New York. “Even gaining entry [to the festival] was a surprise and winning was of course unbelievable. It was absolutely great to represent the Finnhorse here in America and tell about its background as a warhorse and more.”

“I want to dedicate this film to the Finnhorse and of course to the Saaga S mare, who manages to surprise us again and again!” Kuntola continued.

Over three days in New York, more than 80 horse-themed films, including big-budget ones, from dozens of countries were screened at the Equus Film Festival.

The film festival had two main themes this year: saving the wild American mustang and promoting horse therapy worldwide.

Published on 05.12.2018