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Finnish entertainment finds international success

Detective Sofia Karppi will become familiar to international audiences after her 23 August premiere on Netflix. Screenshot/ Dionysos Films

Finnish crime drama Karppi has been added to online streaming service Netflix under the English title Deadwind. Meanwhile, Finnish children’s film Super Furball (Supermarsu) has been awarded in Italy.

Deadwind follows detective Sofia Karppi, played by Pihla Viitala, who starts to work on a murder case after losing her husband.

According to Yle, the Finnish crime drama will receive its international premiere on Netflix on 23 August. It will be the most extensive distribution of a Finnish series or film by a commercial actor to date. Netflix is available in almost 200 countries.

The Hyper Hamster filmmakers on hand to accept the award. Image: Filmikamari

Then there’s Super Furball, a modern superhero film aimed at a young audience that has won the CIAL Environment Award at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy.

The film is directed by Joona Tena and based on a book series by Finnish author Paula Noronen, who also co-wrote the film script with the director.

Super Furball tells the story of young suburban kid Emilia (Ella Jäppinen), who is bitten by her pet hamster and acquires secret super powers.

When herrings in the nearby Baltic Sea bay begin to scream for help, Emilia turns into Hyper Hamster and starts to fight for cleaner water. Super Furball is the second most watched domestic film in Finland this year.

By: James O’Sullivan