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Finnair launches industry leading in-flight Internet

Finnair is installing the new high-speed Internet service on its narrow-body Airbus fleet on European flights.Finnair

Finnish airline Finnair is introducing a new high-speed Internet service on its European flights, offering its customers the best in-flight connection speeds in the industry.

Finnair has partnered with global communications company Viasat to offer the high-speed Internet service, which will be installed on its narrow-body Airbus fleet on European flights.

The Internet service has already been introduced on six of the airline’s Airbus aircraft. By the end of the summer, Finnair expects to have installed it on around 20 aircraft, with the entire Airbus fleet expected to be connected by mid-2019.

“We are very happy that we can offer our customers something truly special, a state-of-the-art Internet connection on our European flights,” says Piia Karhu, the head of customer experience at Finnair. “Customers can also enjoy the services we provide online through our Nordic Sky portal, such as the latest digital newspapers and shopping possibilities. Having an Internet connection onboard also enables us to introduce new tools for our crew to improve the customer experience on our flights.”

The in-flight Internet connection will be available on most of Finnair’s European flights, and the airline is now inviting customers to test the service free of charge over a two-month period before a pricing structure is introduced in the autumn.

Published on 23.07.2018