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Exel Composites breaks ground with oil well sensor

The carbon rod enables horizontal well access and its small diameter means sensors can be deployed in wells with very restricted spaces.Exel Composites

Finnish company Exel Composites’ subsidiary Diversified Structural Composites (DSC) is collaborating with Norwegian company Ziebel on an innovative composite-based sensing system for oil wells.

Exel Composites’ wholly owned DSC company has developed a 6.2-kilometre long and 15-millimetre diameter carbon fibre rod that securely delivers multiple fibre optic sensors to hostile downhole environments, where they measure temperature and acoustic vibrations.

This enables many different applications such as flow allocation, fluid movement visualisation, leak detection and stimulation fluid monitoring.

“We congratulate Ziebel on the successful introduction of their innovative well intervention system, and we look forward to collaborating with them to further extend its application,” says Kari Loukola, SVP Exel Composites Americas and President of DSC. “This project is a clear demonstration of the capabilities in carbon pultrusion that DSC brings to the Exel group, and with our combined, expanded offering we anticipate significant opportunities in the oil and gas sector and other key markets such as wind energy and aerospace.”

Exel Composites acquired US-based DSC in May to enter markets there.

Published on 30.07.2018