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ePassi moves beyond Finland with Alipay

Retailers in Finland are able to accept payments from customers using Alipay, with the combined ePassi-Alipay mobile payment service.Credits: : Screenshot/ePassi

Finnish mobile payment service ePassi is expanding to Europe this summer, and it’s bringing China’s leading mobile and online payment platform, Alipay, with it to Estonia and the Nordic region.

Since ePassi and Alipay formed a partnership in late 2016, Chinese tourists visiting Finland have been able to make payments via Alipay in plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels.

With a new EU directive in place and a licence from Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority, ePassi is now free to expand its mobile payment service to Europe. It will start off in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Estonia, where it will also offer the ePassi-Alipay service to retailers.

“Finland is at the forefront of mobile payments in Europe,” says Risto Virkkala, CEO of ePassi. “Yet, China is playing in a league of its own, and Alipay is the most popular mobile payment method for the Chinese. Already in Finland it has been demonstrated that Alipay significantly increases the amount of purchases Chinese tourists make, so I believe this opportunity will interest retailers in these new ePassi target countries as well.”

Published on 05.07.2018