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ePassi and Vipps enter payments partnership

Fancy some crab? The ePassi and Vipps partnership will also introduce Chinese tourists’ preferred payment method Alipay in Norway. ePassi

Finnish and Norwegian smart payment providers, ePassi and Vipps, are connecting their mobile payment platforms while also introducing Alipay in Norway.

The partnership will enable users of ePassi and Vipps to make mobile payments across the Finnish and Norwegian borders as they will share a QR code payment method that also supports Chinese payment and lifestyle platform Alipay.

More than 76 per cent of Norwegians use Vipps, while ePassi has the widest QR code payments network in the Nordics. The network of businesses that accept payments from the two smart payment providers is over 100 000 strong.

In 2016, ePassi became the first Nordic company to integrate Alipay, which tagged along when the Finnish company expanded in Europe this summer. European expansion is also central to the ePassi-Vipps partnership.

“Mobile payment in Europe is currently quite scattered, both in terms of technological choices and also geographical coverages,” said Risto Virkkala, CEO of ePassi, in a press release. “We are very delighted to announce this partnership with Vipps, and we expect this partnership to be a foundation to build a more harmonised mobile payment network across Europe.”

Published on 13.12.2018