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BC Platforms teams up with Sentieon

BC Platforms’ vision is to build the world’s leading analytics platform by 2020.BC Platforms

US company Sentieon will integrate its NGS data processing software into BC Platform’s genomics and clinical data solutions to enable precision clinical work on a population scale.

The decision to integrate the two companies’ technologies will enable BC Platforms to expand its solution both in cloud and on premise. Tero Silvola, CEO at BC Platforms, states that the partnership will “provide customers access to an end-to-end solution and the confidence to scale to any size” in delivering precision medicine.

Sentieon CEO Jun Ye sees the benefits of the partnership in a similar way: “Sentieon is thrilled to partner with one of the most experienced and respected genomic software companies in the world. Enabling precision medicine is a complex problem and by working together and combining each company’s core expertise we can better serve our customers.”

BC Platforms is a leader in genomic data management and analysis solutions and has been in the genetics business since 1997. Its solutions enable the downstream analysis of thousands of genomes per day and have gathered international praise, most recently from the US-based Pfizer. The company is working closely with other major players in the industry to realise the world’s leading analytics platform by 2020, which could provide genomic and clinical data from over five million subjects through a network of biobanks.

Published on 14.05.2018