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Accolade dips into lifestyle ecommerce

Tenerife provides an ideal setting for Accolade’s full-time production team to provide content for lifestyle-oriented online stores and services. Credits: : Accolade

Finnish company Accolade is set to launch a new business incubator in the Canary Islands, to help build and grow businesses in the global ecommerce lifestyle sector.

Located on Tenerife, the Lifestyle eCommerce Incubator will offer an end-to-end partnership to ecommerce business in the lifestyle sector looking to operate internationally.

The Lifestyle eCommerce Incubator team will be on hand in Tenerife to make lifestyle brands stand out. Image: Accolade

Focusing mainly on Europe, the Middle East and East Asia, Accolade’s new venture will offer a range of lifestyle ecommerce businesses: everything from infrastructure and technology, to marketing services and solutions.

“The competition in eCommerce gets fiercer every year, which makes it harder for small businesses that are just starting out to achieve significant market or vertical position,” comments Joni Kautto, CEO of Accolade, in a release. “Our aim is to provide solutions to test potential ideas and markets with a pre-built infrastructure and processes that can be utilised to test and grow faster.”

The Lifestyle eCommerce Incubator is part of the Canary Islands Special Zone, which also means incubatees can make use of the unique advantages it offers in terms of global ecommerce.

Published on 18.01.2018