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Picosun finds sales partner in Japan

Picosun’s expertise lies in advanced ALD thin film coating used extensively in microelectronics.Screenshot/Picosun

Picosun, a Finnish supplier of advanced Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating solutions, is collaborating with Japanese company Ushio to boost its sales in Japan.

Picosun is already well established in the Japanese market through its local subsidiary Picosun Japan, while the new partnership with Ushio further extends its sales and service network in the country.

“Through this collaboration we are able to offer added value to our customers, in a form of integrated manufacturing solutions consisting of Picosun’s high-class ALD systems combined with our own products such as lithography tools and curing equipment,” comments Ushio’s Masato Jikihara. “With Picosun’s state-of-the-art equipment design, production-proven processes, and unmatched ALD expertise, our customers can realise a wide range of cutting-edge products in areas such as integrated circuits (especially 3D/TSV components), LEDs, and MEMS.”

The newly established partnership follows close on the heels of Picosun’s dash into the MEMS market with Swedish Silex Microsystems and UK-based Pegasus Chemicals.

Picosun will also present its ALD solutions in the upcoming SEMICON Japan conference and exhibition taking place in Tokyo between 13 and 15 December.

Published on 08.12.2017